Server Guidelines

  1. We can’t see, let alone moderate, activity in encrypted chats, so don’t ask. Don’t forget that room owners/moderators have kickban ability, and every user has an ignore button. Don’t seek server mod intervention even on unencrypted/public chats until you’ve tried using these tools and they didn’t work.

  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your channels don’t cause problems for the server. If your channel becomes a liability, e.g. by drawing script kiddie and/or law enforcement attention or causing a general nuisance, your channels may be closed and their owners may be banned.

  3. User accounts which become a nuisance, on any server, will be banned. Examples:

    • Spamming
    • Ban/ignore evasion
    • Distributing harmful links, malware, etc. anywhere other than private, encrypted chats where those present have consented to the activity (e.g. a private, encrypted chat for digital forensics practitioners)
  4. We endeavor to collect and retain as little data about users as is practical, so that it is not possible to comply with most warrants. Apart from the small amount of information visible to our host, we will never give up non-public user data to third parties without legal compulsion. We endeavor to do routine data clean-up, including cleanup of apparently inactive channels and channel content, to further reduce our data retention. Do not count on chat history as an archival store for anything, and do not count on chat rooms continuing to exist if all participants have left.

  5. In the end, this server is a hobby project. No uptime or security promises are made, and your operational security is your own responsibility.

  6. Local and federated users are encouraged to join to receive server news and reach operators in the event of any problem.

  7. When in doubt, be nice. When free from doubt, be as nice as you can manage anyway.

Connection Information

  • If you have a Matrix account elsewhere, you can browse our public rooms by pointing your client at the server name Room names are in the format

  • Our local users have user IDs in the format

  • If you are a local user, you may need to give your user name and one of the following domains to connect: or

  • The web chat (for local users only) is at However, please note that the web client may not offer the same level of privacy which some desktop clients can provide.

Other questions?

Check out our FAQ, or come to to ask a real human.