So, is this a liberal thing or a conservative thing?

Neither. Both. We’re non-partisan, but hardly apolitical. We believe strongly:

  • In freedom of expression for every individual, whether rich, poor, old, young, annoying, odious, ahead of their time, throwback, peacemaker, instigator, credentialed, common, and especially those deemed unworthy by the masses.

  • In the freedom to read, listen to, watch, and learn for every individual: the flip side of free expression.

  • In freedom of association for and with everyone.

  • That these and other freedoms cease to exist when we cannot choose what of ourselves to share and with whom. Privacy is the right which ensures that the others are possible, especially for those without power or popularity to defend them, or whose lifestyles may be hard for outsiders to understand.

Are you for or against my pet political position?

We’re all individuals. We all have opinions. Not all of those opinions are the same. That’s okay. The thing that unites us is a belief in the right of an individual to hold and express their own opinions.

Who runs this server?

Remember that privacy thing? It’s okay if you need a reminder. Scroll up. I’ll wait.

Okay, now that we’ve made that clear… the server admins are anonym-ish. At least one of us is find-able in case of issues, but we don’t want this place to be a statement about us. It’s a gift to our users.

In case you need to reach the admins, you can always find them in #freehold.earth:freehold.earth. That’s also a great place to meet other members of the Freehold Earth community. Please keep in mind this is a hobby server, not a production service; it may take a long time for us to answer you if we’ve engaged in frivolous activities such as working, grocery shopping, tending to our families, or sleeping.

What if my question wasn’t answered here?

Please join us in #freehold.earth:freehold.earth where we will do our best to answer other questions. Plan to stay a while; we’re a small hobby server so it may take a while for channel members to de-idle.