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Test, to see if the outbound for freehold.earth is working at all...

@craigoverend Ahh, I'm at 384 feeds on Newsblur. 3773 is quite a number. I do have several dead ones though that I haven't cleaned up.

@SpaceQuestHistorian That's a tricky one, it really depends on your interests and tolerances, you want to find a server with other people who have similar interests and aren't too far out there for you. The people they follow show up in your federated feed.

@SpaceQuestHistorian Be sure to check your federated feed, sometimes you'll spot someone interesting to follow there. Though, you're on a mega-instance so it may be less useful.

@SpaceQuestHistorian Hah, don't just rejoin on my account. Though, it is a lot busier now.

@Orvan_Taurus @HedgeMage Hello, welcome to the server!

This is rather strange, I've gone to the sites of many people I follow, and there's new messages on them that aren't on the local server. Is there any way to troubleshoot this and see why those messages aren't showing up?

(of course, by a few days I mean nearly a month...)

Weird, I forgot about this for a few days, when I come back nothing had updated on my timeline in almost 2 weeks. I wonder if it only retrieves stuff that active users are following?

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@craigoverend I used Novell Personal Netware to network all the DOS machines at my house...

@craigoverend First one I touched was a Mac at my parent's job. I apparently played with it enough that they bought me my first actual computer, an Atari 130xe.

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My statement in support of the Drupal developers protesting the attempted expulsion of Larry Garfield.


@TrollDecker I personally don't want to build a Python BBS, but it might be fun to write a Python based Door game.

@jepler It might be interesting to put an arm based system attached to that, I wonder what complexities you can do with the vector graphics on one of those. Probably would be really limited regardless of the power of the system.

@rx I kind of wish there was a way to put your followed people into folders so that you can follow noisy feeds, but not have them firehose the rest of the things you follow.

@Mainebot Oh, and I can't believe I forgot about Lackadaisy Cats. Prohibition era alcohol running, with cartoon cats. May be too simplistic though, and also has a very slow release schedule.

@Mainebot Cura Te Ipsum is also fairly decent, though somewhat impenetrable at times. Anna Galactic and One Way from Christopher Baldwin were both good. Have you read Erfworld? While there's humor in it, there's also a lot of other content and long text posts alternating with the comics. Quantum Vibes is also quite good, though it could be challenging in different ways than you intend. While it has humor in it, Drive Comic is also fairly deep in galactic politics.

@wakest No, it's like Feedly. An RSS reader with social sharing, and the shared stuff also has its own RSS feed that people can follow.

@wakest Usually, Newsblur is for sharing articles and posts you find out on the internet in general, not things that you yourself have created.

@grime I was scanning through the list of instances, not really finding any that I wanted to join and considering making my own instead, when I saw the name "freehold.earth" and thought I should check it out.

Joined it because of the emphasis on free speech and light moderation. Not than I have any affinity for the groups that other instances block, but I think free speech is one of the cornerstones of western liberal thought and I'm not a fan of capricious governance.

And it has IPv6. :)