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@KatamariChaos I'd vote for "keep your account and follow/mute/block relationships"

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Got some new pens at Penguicon. Thanks to @HedgeMage, I now am starting a pen collection.

I have a sneaking suspicion that, although this bar has six ostensibly different beer taps, they are all connected to the same keg.

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I'm starting to suspect that almost half of #FHE is at #Penguicon

Let's play Spot The Hotel Detective.

I love you, @bobrossbot , but I wish you'd emit your toot-elage at a lower frequency.

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Just finished making up handouts for #Penguicon and proofreading and such. Now to sleep. One more work day to go before I hit the road.

Will I see any fellows from the fediverse there?

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Heading to Penguicon today.


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Can stationery supplies actually be addictive? Asking for a friend.

...a friend with a lot of ink and four pencil boards in her shopping cart.

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I'd rather be on the free highway to the friend zone than the turnpike to the relationship zone because that route has tolls and it's not maintained like it should be and it has an abrupt stop at the end due to construction sometimes and you're back on a dirt road.

Fuck all that shit.

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I wish I could go out to the property and shoot guns until I can't feel my fingertips. There's something therapeutic there as bizarre as it probably sounds to some.

@KatamariChaos I had to look up the term, "push poll" and realize I didn't know it because I just call them "polls."

Even supposedly well designed polls seem to contain several questions to which the only valid answer libertariancap weenies such as I can give is "mu".

I uttered this contemporary, contextual reference on Saturday, but it was consumed in the fiery wrath of an instance meltdown. I re-toot it here for posterity.

"After the March For Science, join us for a Community Hike followed by a Victory Coffee reception at the community centre where there will be a special struggle session during which party members can atone for holding unorthodox, anti-science views."

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Hey, all, Freehold.Earth is back!

We had to restore from backup (this is why you should have good backups off the machine!) which lost us any data created in the 30 minutes before the outage. Sorry, but our shortest granularity is hourly.


@Xibanya I'm an anarcho-capitalist on Monday, Wednesday , and Friday and a small-el libertarian on the other days (the names of which are inconsequential), but I still enjoy and appreciate your toots. Even if you might be a mean ol' statist.

I freely admit that I got this cup of decaf coffee only so that I could get away from my desk for a bit. That's why I got decaf. I don't plan to actually drink it, but just maybe spill a little on my keyboard. Wasting real coffee is an offense against nature, but there are no rules about decaf in the canonical literature.

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There's a safety poster, at work, about how to walk on ice and "widen your center of gravity". Everytime I see it I want to scream and rip it from the wall.

Your center of gravity is a point, it has no width (and so can't be "widened"). Lowering your center of gravity is what they mean. Though they never say why you should want to do this, so it fails on multiple levels.

@Xibanya I misread "furmen" as "Fremen" and was briefly confused.

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FYI, Freehold.Earth is going to see updates this afternoon/evening Eastern US Time, which should involve 15-30 minutes of downtime.

Expect it to happen between 4pm and 8pm EDT. Apologies for hitting US users during peak hours, but my schedule is crammed today.

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Politics rant... Show more

Today I was branded antifeminist/misogynist, again.

My crime? Refusing to take time away from other mentees to teach women-only infosec classes.

I don't discriminate. I don't believe in teaching young women they belong on the short bus. Come join my all-inclusive classes.

If anything, I'm a great example of how women can navigate and compete in the world at large. I'm happy to pass on what I know about it. I'm sick of the fainting-couch, the poisonous "women in tech" movement.