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Jan Koekepan @jankoekepan

@sim I do understand that. The form that it takes is dependent on your circumstances. You may find a sympathetic family member that might let you, on a show of good faith, put yourself to virtual work as a tiny investment fund manager.

Just a thought.

@sim Can you set aside some money from, say, a videogame budget? Or food? Or wherever? Can you accumulate a couple of hundred? If you can, you can take that plunge.

@hector Why? If they're that silly and can't do the analysis, do you really want them here?

@sim If money is your measure (and it's not a bad one, but need not be the only one) why not make a hobby of investments?

@sim To elaborate:

Don't beat yourself up for not being someone that you are not equipped to be. Find who values what you do offer.

@sim Each couple finds its zen. In every case, it's a partnership. A partnership of work, of emotional support, of caring in times of sickness. The forging of the partnership includes finding what the partners can and will offer.

@sim There are ways of forming productive cooperative relationships that do not entail two-income households.

Don't accept their interpretation uncritically.

@Radiojens Mache es frueher, und sage nur dass Du wechselt.

@augustus That also describes mastodon.social, really.

@moonman Oh, of course you are. I'm sure she does all the things that you enjoy.

It's not as if you need the dirty, dirty, kinky things that DB2 would do.


Random, but did you know that DB2 has clustering facilities? And a very mature data warehousing capability as well.

I'm not saying that I ever used it of course. I'd never do that.

@moonman You know, DB2 has some really nice management tools.

It's free on Linux too.

Just ... y'know. Putting that out there.


This is why buddhism and taoism are popular among techies. Nothing is under your control, so it's not your fault, all you need to do is polish the stone in front of you.

Breathe deep.

Polish the stone.

@DetectiveHyde More of the same. Piled higher and deeper.

Probably some of the panic around the Alex Jones thing, really.

@moonman The real freaks do DB2.

@sim In a dozen generations, researchers bred hamsters that were basically supine stuffed toys, and pathologically vicious little murderers.

Also, anecdotally, as a farmer, I can report that a large amount is certainly heritable. It may be possible to rouse a little risk orientation in a population in which it had been substantially bred out, but it would be hard.

@sim Psychological studies in animals show that temperament is highly heritable, so there's every reason to believe that it could work in humans.

@sim As long as you have women who will breed with those men, you have a problem, because they're more inclined to procreate.


Well, it's all right. That sort of thing will be bred out of the strain when women look around and realise that those aren't the men that they want to settle for.