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Jan Koekepan @jankoekepan

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Don't know if you've been following my musical snack food project at all, but if you're in the mood for a musical meditation, try this and let me know what you think: files.catbox.moe/p5quo9.mp3

There are similarities and differences. For example, film music should tend to reveal hidden moods and subtleties, while game music emphasises key action. They both offer emotional cues, but the difference in the natures of film and games respectively provide different purposes and contexts for the music.

@sYFd5hPr No malfunctions found, smooth rifling, clean bore.

@jebug29 Excellent stuff. When I get things going on my end, you should get a view of my lightshow. I hope you'll find it suitably trippy.

@snowdusk Cool, let me know if anything occurs to you. All the stuff on my bandcamp should be free streamable. Another good single: Last Mating Call.

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i'm livestreaming on in 13 minutes! --> intergalactic wasabi mix - live mix by snowdusk! 23:00-24:00 UTC (6-7 PM EST/5-6 PM Central/3-4PM PST)! see you in the anonradio room on 'com' and channel on IRC irc.sdf.org 😝✌️📡🎶


Thanks for the heads-up.

Listening now.

@markov Thank you for your welcome.

We farmers aren't all completely ignorant. While quantum physics is usually less relevant to daily labours, modern farming is rather like biological engineering. If you want to be successful, anyway.