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Jan Koekepan @jankoekepan

@shakes31471 If you can get acreage, why not work it?


#music for a psychedelic video. More to come later.

@nepfag Want a lifehack to improve the situation?

@moonman Rules like that are a way of seeing how people really behave.

It's a solid bet that someone showed up and was genuinely offensively malodorous.

@rye Congratulations!

Now, molecular biochemistry so that you can become the cyberpunk god of insanity that the world fears.

Recently created, as a sketch for a cyberpunk script, a character theme:


#music #ambient


This is true.

Mostly because many of them didn't grow up in countries where you might disappear for saying the wrong thing in the wrong place.

I don't expect this problem to be solved, ever.

@hikerus I realise that.

But this does explain why a lot of cypherpunks spend so much time promoting them.


Uwe and Klaus live in Bunnyland. They want to say things to each other that the Big Bunny thinks are anti-bunny. If they say them openly, they vanish. If they are the only people to use secure comms, they can be easily targeted anyway. If every bunny uses secure comms, that fact can't be used to target Uwe and Klaus.

@hikerus Agreed. Whatapp is not.

The problem is that if only the presumably guilty use such apps, they become a way of picking out the guilty. For the apps to be effective, they need to be in common use.


Thus: without such a solution, people either held their peace, or (in my experience) vanish, at the hands of the secret police.

@hikerus Danke.

Aber Du verstehst wahrscheinlich sie nicht, darum versuche es auf Englisch:

Without adequate information security, those who dare to say things deemed undesirable by the powers that be, are apt to disappear. An App is not, as such, a prerequisite for security, but if that provides security, it would be an adequate solution.

@hikerus Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist schrecklich.

Was ich sagen wollte, ist das ohne ein App, mit Sicherheit als Ziel, bleibt eine Menge was man nicht ohne Verfolgung sagen koennte. So ein App ist dann heutzutage notwendig fuer Freiheit.

@hikerus Dann hat man ja geschweigt.

Oder verschwunden.


Ja; Tabak kauen oder so was, statt rauchen.

@einebiene Was geschieht den sonst?

@anarchosaurus I spoke too soon; it's now thoroughly broken.

@anarchosaurus It was apparently temporarily unavailable. It started working again for me.

@markov Hardware synths don't usually have the same economies of scale that computers do. That makes a lot of difference.