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Can we get a conversation going in #Overwatch?

- Favourite 3 champs
- Favourite 3 skins
- You have to play 10 rounds of the same map in a row, which do you choose?
- Thoughts on Uprising arcade mode?

- Hanzo, Genji, Mercy
- New Genji skin, Ra Zenyatta, New Widowmaker skin
- Eichenwalde
- Pretty fun, expert mode is actually difficult, yet to play more with different heroes. So far I have only played Mercy/Lucio/Soldier on it.

@euian Likewise! That and the free speech aspect. Hopefully that will also appeal to other users who have similar dispositions

@kazriko Cool, sounds similar to me. I liked the name and the free speech aspect. Will stick around and hopefully we will see this place grow

Hello Freehold Earth locals.

I'm interested to see how the experience here will differ from my account.

How/why did you choose this instance?