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Why is good pen storage so hard to find?

Even if you're a globalist... it's still a form of nationalism. You just believe the whole world is one country rather than dividing it into smaller parts to form different countries. You know, no borders and all that.

@bob If you want me to take you seriously, start by not using "violence" to mean something other than actual violence. Next, stop talking in sound bites and expecting people to sit through a bunch of youtube BS to know what you are talking about.

@shakes31471 Have patience, invest energy in building self-sufficiency, show love...the rest mostly falls into place on its own.

I'm exhausted by people conflating "thing that makes me feel uneasy or uncomfortable" with actual danger/violence.

It seems to correlate with the person's faith in their own ability to deal with bad situations. Defense-capable people are very clear on the distinction. People who have the social skills to set boundaries, but not the skills to enforce them tend to be in the middle. Hapless/sheltered folks make no distinction. But what to do about it?

There's this point in parenting where you realize that, instead of cooking dinner, it's possible to get the offspring to cook dinner. This point is generally known as "ahhhh!"

#pancakesfordinner #noregrets

@TheRealMe If someone, somewhere out there wants to do such a thing on their server, that's fine. However, I'd never use a server that had such a plugin. I left Twitter to get away from that sort of behavior, as did many others.

I still think that focusing on being a "Twitter killer" is a terrible idea, as it leads to us playing Twitter's game and letting them define the Fediverse.

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@TheRealMe That would only lead to the mainstream muting/blocking everyone else. Reversion to the mean sucks.

@delores I don't care what happens to Twitter as long as I don't have to participate. I'd rather create something worthwhile of our own than target Twitter. The latter would lead to Twitter deciding the direction of the Fediverse for us.

I'm starting to suspect that almost half of #FHE is at #Penguicon

Let's play Spot The Hotel Detective.

I am tired of release notes that say "includes important security fixes" and does not detail what they were.

I also tire of app release notes that JUST say "improvements and fixes".

Document your shit, people.

I'm starting to think that some people who don't understand capitalism believe that everyone who does is a Ferengi in disguise. This saddens me.

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@hermeslispegistus @munin In this area...no. Various localities in the US give state-enforced monopolies to ISPs within certain geographical bounds.

The lack of competition means that ISPs get to rest on their laurels with no reason to improve themselves. They also only put infrastructure in the highest-profit areas, because their competitors are barred from undercutting them and building up business in the markets they ignore. Coop ISPs are banned as well.

Can stationery supplies actually be addictive? Asking for a friend.

...a friend with a lot of ink and four pencil boards in her shopping cart.

Whee! Post-gym relaxation time. I needed this.

@chazcon To be honest, I'd love to have conditional filters... i.e. flip them on when at work, and off on my own time. Filtering on tags would be better than by word, though.

Yeah, some people are easily offended...others are just trying to balance professional and personal comms without going nutty.

Sadly, masto only has regex filter on the home feed. :disappointed:

@jason_azze Nothing is perfectly unbiased, but a real push poll crosses the line of plausibility, being clearly designed to shape rather than measure opinion. I've seen some bad ones, but damn they are effective on so many people!

Someone recommended a political quiz to me just now, and one look showed it to be the equivalent of a push poll. It's amazing to me that supposedly-literate adults are so bad at recognizing these.