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Reflecting on it a little, people are such avoidant in their personalities - you can't have any conflict by having "offensive" things - that they end up creating conflict at every turn, where so very often, there would be none.
@maiyannah I sometimes wonder if humans just absolutely require conflict to function. Would explain all the violence and wars.
@gameragodzilla As individuals?  Not particularly, but I tend to think the tribalism dynamic thrives on those conflicts.
@maiyannah Yeah I was thinking in the tribalistic sense. Everyone wants an in group to be in and an out group to fight.

It's kind of depressing.
KatamariChaos @KatamariChaos

@gameragodzilla Oversimplified, but not too far off: Shared mission is a huge part of bonding/belonging. The thing is that actual missions come with performance requirements, and the possibility of failure. Plain old tribalism gives roughly the same feeling of importance and belonging without any of that overhead.

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@gameragodzilla People who feel insecure enough often resort to tribalism because it doesn't involve risk of failure, or a need to do right by others. It feels easier, and safer to those who haven't reached a certain level of functionality. And you know what?

In a world where humans are below a certain level of functionality, blind tribalism is an adaptive strategy. That's the trap. Spend enough time around dysfunctional people and it looks good for good reason.