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So tired of the argument "if you're not like me, you don't get to have an opinion on this thing that might impact me...even if it also impacts you".

Everyone gets to have an opinion. I may think your opinion is idiotic (I certainly think the above opinion is idiotic), but you get to have it, and voice it.

When you start naming categories of people who aren't allowed to have or voice opinions on *anything*, I find it very hard to take you seriously.

@KatamariChaos The American Civil Liberties Union's slogan is that the cure fo hate speech is not less speech, but more speech. That's to say, don't ban speech but certainly allow for dialogue and difference.

KatamariChaos @KatamariChaos

@saligiandances I'm aware... a sad number of people haven't gotten this message, though. :(

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