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Oh come on, i a tech-savvy group of people talking about cybersecurity, can we *PLEASE* stop using the words "hack", "hacked", and "hacker" to mean "compromise", "broken-into", "cybercriminal"?

It conflates government-paid professional malicious actors with a kid in a basement somewhere building a digital clock. Doesn't seem fair to the kid.

Pretty please?

Thing I found myself saying on the phone just now: "Who wants the kind of life where pyrotechnics in the parking lot on a Friday night isn't normal?"

@augustus I've never seen anyone but middle-aged women wearing them.

@rysiek it's amazing that discussion is even being had, and it shows how little some users understand TOR.

Just like you can't have end-to-end encryption for everyone except the bad people you also can't have a routing system which only works for non-nazis.

@gameragodzilla People who feel insecure enough often resort to tribalism because it doesn't involve risk of failure, or a need to do right by others. It feels easier, and safer to those who haven't reached a certain level of functionality. And you know what?

In a world where humans are below a certain level of functionality, blind tribalism is an adaptive strategy. That's the trap. Spend enough time around dysfunctional people and it looks good for good reason.

@gameragodzilla Oversimplified, but not too far off: Shared mission is a huge part of bonding/belonging. The thing is that actual missions come with performance requirements, and the possibility of failure. Plain old tribalism gives roughly the same feeling of importance and belonging without any of that overhead.

I wonder if the left realize that calling everyone Nazis doesn't come off to those not already in their camp as reasonable, or even as valid hyperbole...It makes them look oversensitive and reactionary. Add to that the Nazi punching memes, attempts to blackball people from working, and similar, they look like more of a threat as well.

Today's evil plot: convince my teenager that planting flowers for me is good for his business, and thus something he should do.

Given that he's keeping bees on our property, this should not be a hard sell, right?

@saligiandances I'm aware... a sad number of people haven't gotten this message, though. :(

So tired of the argument "if you're not like me, you don't get to have an opinion on this thing that might impact me...even if it also impacts you".

Everyone gets to have an opinion. I may think your opinion is idiotic (I certainly think the above opinion is idiotic), but you get to have it, and voice it.

When you start naming categories of people who aren't allowed to have or voice opinions on *anything*, I find it very hard to take you seriously.

So...not promising anything here, but musing...

If freehold.earth were to move to a new software stack 2-3 months from now, would users want to:

* keep your account and follow/mute/block relationships
* keep the above, plus a record of previous toots
* start completely fresh


I saw someone today on IRC, earnestly arguing with a bot about opinions they seemed to think the bot held.

The bot was just remixing phrases it had observed in the channel and spitting them back out in a mostly-grammatically-correct manner.

I probably should have explained to the person exactly what was going on, but it was too fascinating to watch.

So proud of my son, who's started this awesome blog to promote his new : bloomingtonbees.com/

🐝 things I learned today:

1. Bees can't tell humans in dark clothing from bears. Wear light clothing when working with bees.

2. It's okay to flick or bump a bee, but don't push it.

3. Bees like sugar water, but don't put it on the stove to speed dissolving: if any of the sugar caramelizes, it becomes toxic to bees.

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼 🐝 🌼

Two hives up and running. My kid is awesome.

@abbenm Something can be obvious within a specific context. I don't expect laypeople to be aware of microdots, but privacy advocates and technologists absolutely should be by now.

Why "my better half" is a thing: I'm down with an injury. Better Half is: entertaining me with games, making dinner, bringing me pillows and other nice things, all while trying to get their own stuff done.:medal:

I wonder if there exists a webcomic where the characters are actually kind of awesome, instead of whiny, self-involved, and anxious. Last one I can remember was Digger. Love that wombat.