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A small, portable device with a suction cup so it can be hidden easily under tables, etc. It uses sensors to check that there's nobody home then uses a small, high-powered speaker to say something along the lines of "Alexa, buy 500 cases of vegetable shortening. Alexa confirm purchase."

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For every exchange I have on here that drives me to frustration and temp-bans for my own well-being, I like to make a productive and helpful toot off the back of the same discussion.

Turning a negative in to a positive seems to be well-received by people as, if the topic is generally contentious, hearing something positive and productive is a nice change of pace.

From a practical point of view it also channels my frustration until it dissipates.

Or maybe it's just the whiskey :tumbler_glass:

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Me: open-source is the best
Also me: I will die before I let anyone look at this shitty code

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Good morning. What do you call a Mastodon user that believes in a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion? Show more

A tootalitarian

@urioxis ResEdit still gives me a childlike glee, even though it's completely useless in this age.

@KatamariChaos I recommend reading them aloud as literally as possible in Gilbert Gottfried's voice before silencing.

*Virtue Signaling Cowbell*

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When attending play parties in Georgia, remember humming the opening bars of Dueling Banjoes is a widely recognized safe-word.

Roy G. Biv is a colorful man. Troy G. Bilt...not so much #Goth'sNotDead

Every couple of years I sign in to ICQ/AIM and let it idle for a few days. Just to see if anyone signs on.

@gentlemenbegga It's a button you press to show your appreciation for parallelograms. (It doesn't work for me either).

First post on the instance is me, lel.